Combining the enthusiasm for a green and healthy habitat with science and technology, the GREEN PLANET CHALLENGE robotics competition aims to stimulate and develop creativity and innovative spirit and provide development opportunities for young people. By organizing this competition, we want to promote both green science and the collaboration between mentors and students or pupils in order to develop the new generation of engineers, programmers and designers. The competition is organized according to strict rules, including limited time and resources. Teams of pupils/students, guided by a
Being eco is in trend! We invite you to celebrate together via the "Biodiversity around you" photo contest organized by the European Researchers' Night in 2022! Why biodiversity is important? Without biodiversity our life and well-being would be impossible. Biodiversity provides us with food, drinking water, medicine, genetic resources and materials. Thanks to it, we have fertile soils and clean air. But at the same time we are also the ones who have a huge negative impact on biodiversity, through the modification of natural habitats, exploitation of resources, pollution of water, air and soil